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Free Signature Scents by Try My Closet Sample Pack

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Please Allow 2-4 Weeks For Your Free Sample Pack To Arrive
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Description

Thank you for your interest in our Signature Scents! You can claim your free sample pack here while supplies last. Simply add 1 to your cart and checkout. Shipping is free for this order claim only. If you place a separate order, please be sure to choose the correct shipping method.

The Signature Scents by Try My Closet Sample Pack Include:

1 Pack of Coconut & Chamomile (Chamomile Oil)

1 Pack of Lavender Blanc (Lavender Oil)

1 Pack of Mid-Day Break (Eucalyptus Oil)

1 Pack of Amber Rose Marie (Rosemary Oil)

PLEASE NOTE: If you order anything else with this claim, standard shipping will be added to all orders under $35. Please place all other orders separately to avoid shipping charges. 

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